Chrétien is an American online retailer lifestyle brand that prides itself on captivating the hearts and minds of consumers, especially those aged 26-46. At the core of its concept is the pursuit of creating a meaningful and immersive experience. With an array of goods available through their online store, Chrétien transcends the boundaries of traditional retail.

Every Robere-Chretien brand within the portfolio carries an elaborate pseudo-history, intricately woven to infuse depth and emotion into the brand’s very essence. This commitment to storytelling enhances the captivating “escape definition” concept that lies at the heart of their image.

The designs curated by Chrétien draw inspiration from a diverse range of influences, reflective of the designer’s multifaceted lifestyle. From the captivating realms of art, photography, and film to the enriching experiences of travel, each creation is a testament to the brand’s unwavering dedication to pushing boundaries.

Collaborations with sponsored artists and designers from around the world further enrich the tapestry of Chrétien’s offerings. These creative partnerships infuse fresh perspectives, bringing a global flair to the brand’s unique identity.

Together, these elements blend seamlessly, creating a fluid and captivating narrative that resonates with the discerning consumers who seek to immerse themselves in the world of Chrétien.

Type: private
Launched: 2006
Industry: Fashion
Key People:  Robert R. Couture (Founder)
Professionally known as: Robere’ Chrétien Couturier
CEO: Reuel-Azriel
Theme: Escape Definition!
Color Scheme: Burgundy/Tan/Mauve/Royal Blue
Area Served: Worldwide
Products: Clothing, Jewelry, Accessories
Apparel style: Haute Couture/Casual Wear/Street Wear